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XRDUA is a software package developed by the Antwerp X-ray Imaging/Instrumentation Laboratory (AXiL) at the University of Antwerp. Its main purpose is to automate the processing of two dimensional x-ray diffraction images from scanning (μ)XRPD or (μ)XRPD tomography. It accepts images from flat area detectors and allows correction, calibration and modeling (Rietveld, Pawley, Pattern Decomposition). The primary goal is to visualize crystalline phase distributions in projection (2D scanning) or in a virtual cross section (tomography) of the object under investigation. Apart from the amount of material, structural properties and their changes within the object can be calculated and visualized as well.

XRDUA mask file: contains corrections, calibration and model.

XRDUA workflow: from 2D images to crystal phase distributions

When using XRDUA, please refer to: DOI 10.1107/S1600576714008218
W. De Nolf, F. Vanmeert and K. Janssens - "XRDUA: crystalline phase distribution maps by two-dimensional scanning and tomographic (micro) X-ray powder diffraction" - J. Appl. Crystallogr., 2014, Volume 47, pages 1107-1117

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